Movement Mentor

                      &  Musician


Daniel's physical philosophy is to move to feel the moment and meet one's fullest  movement potential , whether the goal is fitness, rehabilitation or recreation based. Book a session now to explore the possibilities .

55minutes,  $150


AcroPilates class, done on the Cadillac, developed by Movement Salon founder Daniel Giel. A mix of classical Pilates with gymnastic forms to create acrobatic movements. A safe format and anyone can do it! This session is about exciting movements emphasizing body awareness, alignment and grace.

 50 minutes.  $35.00



Master Trainer/Program Director Daniel Giel is a movement guide and freelance performing artist, whose background includes the training, teaching and performing of movement and healing arts for more than 30 years. With a background in Pilates, Gyrotonic, martial arts, gymnastics, dance, yoga and meditation, his approach to moving and teaching is rooted deeply in physical discipline with intuitive curiosity and joy.  He has toured as a teacher and performer both nationally and internationally but his home base is New York City, where he co-founded Sal Anthony's Movement Salon in 1998. He now sees clients and trains trainers at Pilates Habitat and abroad.



Pilates Habitat
192 Third Ave - 2nd Floor
NY, NY 10003


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